personal training

Martin Farrugia, Personal Trainer, and 8 time national record holder of indoor cycling 70hr 2016.  Therapist in Sports Injuries and Massage Therapist. He will guide you through all the process of working out in the gym.and all the necessary information on how to get fit and stay fit. for more information call 21228891

we are offering  free personal training sessions  to all active members

each members will get a free fitness test. b.m.i test. blood pressure test. pulse a pre exercise questionnaire. and a pre exercise fitness program.


After many years of dedications to my studies and after a serious injury I decided to challenge myself with a new experience abroad. I came in Malta for an internship in a design studio and started to train again in my free time. Soon this hobby becomes part of my daily routine and a need for my body and mind. After one year of hard training I’m starting to reach my goals, I run the Malta half marathon and I will do soon the Malta Woman spinning record on spot of 12hours no stop. I decided to study to become a fitness instructor with an international recognised course in order to support my practice experience from training with specific knowledge related to the body and the fitness industry. I want to motivate other People as my personal trainer did with me and make them go beyond their owns limit understanding that going to the gym is not a constrains but the lovely part of the day and everyone can reach his target with dedication and will.

For consultation or tailor-made workout don’t hesitate to contact me at 21228891 or