Get fit(ter) by exercising 3 minutes a week


Study says you can get fit(ter) by exercising 3 minutes a week


“Get fit in three minutes a week” sounds like something from a late-night infomercial, but researchers say 12 minutes a month can result in health benefits for some people. The key is high intensity training (HIT), which involves repeated intervals of all-out effort. AccordingĀ to the BBC’s Dr. Michael Mosley, HIT activates 80% of your body’s muscle cells, more than traditional cardio activity. You won’t be Lance Armstrong, but HIT on the bike can improve aerobic fitness and insulin sensitivity. But, as Mosley discovered, if you still can’t button your pants, you should blame your genes, not your jeans.


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Martin Farrugia is a Personal trainer, Premier fitness instructor, Premier sports injury therapist, Premier indoor cycling and an I.T.I.C massage therapist with over 20 years experience in the fitness business. He is Military backboned in S.A.R and the National record holder of 30hr indoor cycling 2010.